We Will Buy Your Classic Car From a House Clearance

House Clearance Classic Car

We Will Buy Your Classic Car From a House Clearance

When someone sadly passes away they inevitably leave behind a home, house contents and more often than not a motor vehicle. Here at Nationwide House Clearance we often carry out house clearances that also require the removal and disposal of a vehicle.

Some of these vehicles are often not road worthy or have no re-sale value so they end up being “scrapped” for very little money or no money at all. Indeed, the vehicle disposal and dismantlers often charge you to dispose of a vehicle.

However, sometimes a house clearance can unearth a vehicle that is not only road worthy, but is also valuable in terms of resale. These vehicles are often classic cars as was the case with this particular Mitsubishi Sapporo that was found in a garage.

Nationwide House Clearance helped sell the car to an enthusiast who restored it, earning the customer over eight hundred pounds. We were not interested in that particular vehicle at the time, but we are NOW interested in all makes, models and range of classic cars.

They don’t have to be an icon of the 60s or a rare Ford they can be a modern classic such as a Mazda MX5.

We are interested in non runners, cars that are in good working order, restoration projects and even classic motorbikes, motorhomes and boats.

We will pay cash and top prices so call us today if the house you need clearing also contains a classic car on the drive, in the garage or hidden away underneath an overgrown garden.

We are genuine car enthuisasts at Nationwide House Clearance and we have bought, restored and sold a number of classic cars over the years including the following vehicles:

House Clearance Classic Car House Clearance Classic Car House Clearance Classic Car House Clearance Classic Car

If you don’t fancy the costs of listing your classic car on ebay, dealing with time wasters and tire kickers or want the hassle of dealing with phone calls and appointments then let us ease the process of selling your classic car. We pay cash, top prices and won’t waste your time.

This is what a former customer had to say about our service:

“Our father loved BMWs and when he sadly passed away he left behind a bright red old BMW that looked great and actually drove. We had no space for it, but we knew it was worth saving and far too good to be scrapped. Our plans were to get the property cleared and then deal with the car, but Chris from Nationwide – who we hired to clear the property – asked if we would sell it to him. We didn’t know what it was worth so were reluctant at first, but he showed us what they go for on ebay and offered us a fair price so we sold it to him. He paid cash and it saved us a great deal of bother putting it on the market so to speak. Paul Simpson – Gateshead