We Can’t Help With One Direction But We Can Clean Your Home

House Clearance Wish List

Nationwide House Clearance were recently contacted by Bristol Social Services inquiring whether we could help them with a clearance and clean up of a house that was particularly messy and dirty.

The property was home to a family of 3; a man and his two children – a girl aged 11 and a boy aged 15. Following the death of the mother and the ill health of the father whose mobility was severely hampered, the property had become neglected to the point where it needed a major declutter and one off deep-clean.

We were appointed by Bristol Social Services to carry out the declutter and clean and after arriving at the property we could see just how the general state of the property was effecting every member of the family.

The father hadn’t slept in his own bedroom for several years as it was massively cluttered and the children struggled to walk around their own bedrooms. The living room was no better and the kitchen was also very dirty.

It was while clearing and cleaning the daughter’s bedroom that we noticed a wish-list on the wall which left every single member of the 4 man clearance team in tears, and hit home to us just how lucky we are and how we can help this family.

House Clearance Wish List

The 16 item wish list contained many wishes such as “I’ll Meet One Direction” and other things, but wish list number 13 really hit hard with us: “My House Will Be Clean”

While we couldn’t help with One Direction we certainly could help with the clean, and that’s what we did. We decluttered the house of all the junk and mess and gave it a thorough one off-deep clean so the family could get on with their lives.

When the girl returned home from school to find her bedroom clutter free and her home nice and clean she broke down in tears as we all did. This was without a doubt the most rewarding job we have ever carried out.

More photos from the declutter and clean:

Bristol Declutter & Clean Bristol Declutter & Clean Bristol Declutter & Clean Bristol Declutter & Clean Bristol Declutter & Clean Bristol Declutter & Clean Bristol Declutter & Clean Bristol Declutter & Clean

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