Our Verminous House Clearance Service

Verminous House Clearance Service

Verminous House Clearance

Nationwide House Clearance can clear and clean any verminous property. Whether the property contains decaying food waste, human feces or is extremely cluttered and grimy, we have seen it all and cleared it all. We provide a speedy, total clearance and clean service of any verminous house. We can even visit the premises free of charge. Call us today for a friendly chat.

What Is a Verminous House Clearance?

A verminous house clearance usually contains one, most or even all of the following types of ‘waste’: decaying food waste, human feces, animal feces, bodily fluids (human or otherwise), sanitary waste, animal carcasses, trauma scenes, death in the property, drug paraphernalia (needles etc.), clinical waste and the general decaying of waste itself.

Almost all verminous properties are cluttered and harmful and hazardous to humans due to the potential to contract such diseases as Weil’s disease, Salmonella, Tuberculosis, Cryptosporidiosis, E.Coli, Foot and mouth disease, Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis.

An example of a typical Verminous House Clearance

What We Clear

We clear and dispose of all verminous house clearance waste, including food waste, animal carcases, human and animal feces, drug paraphernalia, contaminated furniture, carpets and any other contaminated items within the property.

Can You Clean The Property?

Yes, we provide an additional one-off deep cleaning service which consists of cleaning all wooden surfaces, all internal windows, all floors, light switches, window sills, bathrooms, kitchens, cupboards, dusting, hoovering, sweeping-up etc. We can also clean appliances.

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Verminous House Clearance Before & After Photos

Verminous House Clearance Photos
Verminous House Clearance Photos
Verminous House Clearance Photos
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Verminous House Clearance Case Examples

We have helped the following people:

Verminous House Clearance Case Study 1:

We were appointed to clear a verminous and cluttered property in Bristol which took 6 of our men 2 full days to clear. Read More…

Verminous House Clearance Case Study 2:

We were appointed to clear a 2 bedroom bungalow in Worthing, West Sussex which was completed in 7 hours. It took the 6 men 7 full van loads to clear the property in total. Read More…

Verminous House Clearance Case Study 3:

We were appointed to clear 2 bedroom semi-detached house in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland which also needed a one off deep clean of the property. We sent 6 of our staff who had the house cleared and cleaned in 2 days. Read More…

Genuine Verminous House Clearance Testimonials

5 Star Customer Review
“We had called several house clearance firms, but not one of them wanted to take on the task of clearing our late mother’s cluttered and verminous property. Nationwide, however, were more than willing. From the start we got the impression that these guys knew what they were dealing with and we were most impressed when they sent out two of their guys at no cost to ourselves to examine the property. We decided to choose them and we are very glad that we did because they did an exceptional job. The property itself, a 3 bedroom semi-detached, was cluttered but also very dirty. Mice and other critters had infested the place and there was also lots of old food stuff stinking the place out. Nationwide sent 8 men and within 2 days had the place not only fully cleared but looking ready to move into which is what we were looking for as we wanted to put it on the market. Chris and his men were absolutely fantastic throughout and were very helpful. They even arranged for several of the items to be transported to an auction house. What was also very pleasing was their after care if you like, they phoned us up a week or so later asking how we were getting on and if everything was OK. They are a company who knows what they are doing and they also care. A rare commodity. Go to these guys, you will not be disappointed.” Peterson Family – Stockport, Greater Manchester

5 Star Customer Review
“Our tenants one day decided to do a runner, leaving the property in a right old mess with needles, rotting food and other crap all over the joint. Within a day Nationwide had the place cleared and cleaned. We can’t thank them enough for all of their hard work.” Tony Morrison – Dudley, West Midlands

5 Star Customer Review
“A huge thank you to the men at Nationwide for dealing with my late aunt’s somewhat cluttered and very dirty property. They sent 6 men and cleared all of the junk in under a day, leaving the property fully empty. Their men were extremely hard working and very polite and friendly.” Simon Gray – Cardiff, Wales

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