Over £50,000 Donated To Charity From July 2014 To July 2015

Upto 50% Of House Clearance Items Donated To Charity

Upto 50% Of House Clearance Items Donated To Charity

More on our charity donations...More on our charity donations…

We have been going through our bank statements and charity donation update letters for the last 12 months (July 2014-July2015) and it appears we have collectively helped to raise over £50,000 for charity in total. The biggest beneficiaries are of course the chosen charities we not only send monthly direct debit donations to, but also donate house-hold items to on a regular basis.

Namely The British Heart Foundation, Barnardo’s Children’s Charity, Cancer Research UK, NSPCC, The Royal British Legion and the RSPCA. These are our favoured charities as they are all 100% reputable and extremely worthy causes of financial support and charitable donations.

Upto 50% Of House Clearance Items Donated To Charity

More so, those particular charities are also supported because everyone connected to Nationwide House Clearance have – in one way or another or in some form or other – been sadly directly affected by cancer and heart disease. Likewise we are all father’s, uncles and animal lovers and we also support our troops here at Nationwide House Clearance.

We chose those particular charities also knowing that a great number of our customers have lost loved ones to cancer, heart disease and that many of our customers’ grandads, uncles, fathers etc. also fought in the war/s and were also animal lovers. Aren’t we all?!

We are not one for blowing our own trumpet in this regard, because charity really should be a private and individual thing, but we are extremely proud of our charity donations and the work we do in that regard. It would be easier to take everything to the recycling centre, but where is the reward in that?!

In an age of social media we feel it necessary to do a write-up about this in the hope others, be they fellow businesses like ourselves or individuals, also take up the great cause of donating to charity.

Upto 50% Of House Clearance Items Donated To Charity Donating Food To The Newcastle West End Food Bank For Toon Aid

We don’t just donate to our own chosen charities, we have donated to many different and varying causes over the years as requested by our customers and it is they who we must thank in choosing Nationwide House Clearance to carry out their property clearance, trusting us to remove and dispose of deceased loved ones’ treasured possessions.

Sadly we cannot always donate items to charity, but our men – who also deserve a massive thank you – do their best to make sure upto 50% of all house clearance contents go to the various charities listed on our website or those requested by the customer.

They do this by using their knowledge, experience and training and indeed contacts of just what a charity will take or not take and they then go to those charities to unload.

We thank our guys, our customers and all those worthy and reputable charities out there doing their bit to make a difference, to help, to achieve something for all of us.

Hopefully in the next 12 months we can double this figure!

UPDATE: We have added the following charities to our list of charity’s that we support: Marie Curie, Newcastle West End Food Bank and Toon Aid.