No Fly-Tipping: We Guarantee To Recycle 90% Of Your Waste

Say No To Fly Tipping

No Fly-Tipping - We Guarantee To Recycle 90% Of Your Waste

Nationwide House Clearance are a fully licenced and insured company who are fully committed to the Environment. We recycle upto 90% of all house-hold waste from a standard house clearance and we are also committed to stamping out fly-tipping. As members of the Say No To Fly Tipping campaign you won’t catch us fly-tipping your waste! Don’t get caught out by a rouge trader or bogus house clearance firm.

Say No To Fly Tipping
Fly-tipped waste in a back lane.

What we do with your waste

We recycle upto 90% of all house-hold waste from a standard house clearance and we do this by using our vast experience, knowledge and via our contacts in the recycling industry. We try and keep as much waste as possible away from landfill. We also have a reuse and donate charity policy where we donate as much as we can to various charities.

Fly-Tipping Information

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Nationwide House Clearance StaffA member of our staff at the recycling centre, recycling green waste.

WARNING: Check who is taking your waste

Warning - Be Aware Of Rogue House Clearance FirmsDid you know it’s your responsibility to check that anyone you employ, hire or appoint to take away your waste is registered with the Environment Agency? If your waste turns up where it should not be you may be liable to a £5,000 fine and even imprisonment.

Rouge and bogus house clearance firms and rubbish removal companies are operating throughout the entire UK and illegally fly-tipping the waste they charge you to collect and dispose of. Our parks, our back lanes, our countryside and our streets are being targeted daily.

Don’t become a victim of this crime or help perpetuate it by employing, hiring or appointing rouge and bogus house clearance firms. Insist on seeing a real and genuine copy of their waste carrier’s certificate and licences and keep a record of the details just in case.

If you think you have hired a bogus or rogue house clearance firm and are worried about illegal fly tipping you can report major incidents of the dumping of waste to the Environment Agency incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.

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