We Recycle 90% Of All House-Hold Waste

90% Of All House-Hold Waste Recycled

Nationwide House Clearance are fully committed to helping the environment. We recycle 90% of all house-hold waste. As approved contractors for the Environment Agency and fully licenced waste carriers we have developed a strict recycling policy which helps us to keep as much waste as possible out of landfill.

Our donate, re-use and reduce policy enables us to keep our own carbon footprint low and with it that of all our customers.

Did you know? About 145 million tonnes of solid waste are produced in the UK each year by households, commerce and industry, including construction and demolition. Landfill sites receive over 60% of this waste for disposal. Approximately 20% of this is household waste!

We prevent thousands of tonnes from going to landfill every year by donating and putting to reuse thousands of tonnes of recyclable items from electrical goods, to furniture, clothing, bedding and other recyclable items.

How we recycle your waste

How we recycle your waste

Charity Donations

We donate a massive 50% of all house-hold items to local charities and other organisations. All reusable, resalable and recyclable items of use are donated to charity shops for example whereas bedding, clothing etc. is donated to homeless organisations and animal sanctuaries. We work closely with the British Heart Foundation, Barnardo’s Children’s Charity, Cancer Research UK, the Royal British Legion and other charities.

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Recycling Centres

35% of all your waste is taken to fully licenced waste recycling centres who separate each waste item into waste categories for waste recycling such as wood, metals, plastics etc. 90% of this waste is recycled.

Staff Reuse

5% of all waste gets recycled by way of staff reuse. For example if any member of staff identifies an item from a property clearance that he or she could reuse they have the first option of finding such an item a good home, either directly or through friends or family. We actively encourage this as it improves our recycling rates and targets and allows our staff the ability to save money and therefore reduce their own carbon footprint.


10% of all waste sadly goes to landfill which is an inevitable by-product of simply producing so much waste as a nation and so much waste that cannot be recycled. However, more and more is being done to turn landfill waste into reusable energy through gas sources and so on. Long-term the aim is that even landfill waste can be put to good use.