Nationwide House Clearance FAQs

House Clearance FAQs

Who we are?

We are a Nationwide House Clearance Company (hence the name) and have been trading for over 20 years now. We are a fully established family owned and ran business with registered offices in England. We cover the whole of England, Scotland & Wales and we operate 7 days a week. We are also fully insured and fully licenced.

What we do?

We specialise in property clearances of all types:

Standard house clearances
Cluttered & verminous house clearances
Void house clearances
Office clearances
Storage container clearances
Property decluttering & cleaning
Flats, derelict factories & mansions

We can also clear lofts, garden sheds, garages, garden rubbish and outhouse buildings as part of the clearance. We can also carry out a one-off deep clean of the property after the clearance and also carry out any small removals associated with the clearance.

Please note: We do not provide these services separately.

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What we don’t do?

We do not do partial clearances or remove single items. We do not buy anything either. We are not a second-hand furniture or antique dealer. We just do full property clearances. We are not a charity or work for charities either. We do donate to charity, but only items from a property clearance.

What we take?

We remove pretty much anything:

General furniture
White goods
Electrical items
Clothing & bedding
Misc house-hold junk
Carpets & other fixtures & fittings
Vehicles, boats & caravans
Wood & metals

What we don’t take?

We cannot take away any hazardous waste such as chemicals, builders’ waste or rubble, heavy bricks or large panes of glass. We can advise you, however, on how best to dispose of such waste in the most appropriate way.

What do you do with the waste?

We recycle 90% of all general house-hold waste. 50% is recycled through fully licenced recycling centres who segregate the waste into waste categories ready for recycling. For example wood, metals, plastics, textiles. This way of waste disposal is more costlier for us but guarantees your waste will be recycled fully. 35% is also donated to charity and 5% of house-hold waste is reused by our very own staff.

All paperwork or confidential waste is destroyed to prevent identity theft and fraud and if we find anything valuable in the property we will inform you. We regularly find lost passports, vehicle log-books, jewelery and even forgotten cash.

Commercial waste such as cardboard and packaging, IT equipment and office furniture also gets recycled. We are fully WEEE waste compliant and licenced to recycle all electrical waste.

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What areas do you cover?

We cover the whole of the UK, including Scotland and Wales, 7 days a week.

What is the process?

With us it is very simple. Call us or drop us an e-mail, we will ask you a few questions regarding the property, its location, waste type etc. and we will give you a free no obligation quote based on the answers. Our quotes are final, the price we quote you is the price you pay. If you are happy with our quote and wish to book a house clearance with us, we will arrange a time and date most convenient to yourself, and book you into our unique booking system.

Prior to the clearance we will give you a courtesy call, text or e-mail to reconfirm everything, usually a day before. On the actual day of the clearance itself, our 3 or more fully insured, uniformed and trained men will arrive on time and typically get the property cleared in full within a few hours.

90% of the time we can clear most properties by lunch-time using just the one full van load. On completion of the clearance, only when you are happy, will we provide you with an invoice and a waste transfer note. The invoice can be settled there and then via credit or debit card using our portable PDQ machine. Once you have paid, our men will leave and recycle 90% of your waste.

We provide a professional, efficient and discreet house clearance service that is all about clearing the property in the quickest way possible without compromising on quality of service, while recycling as much as possible and all for a reasonable price.

What size vans do you use?

We use jumbo Luton box vans which are the largest in their class. All our vehicles are eco-friendly, LEZ compliant and can carry upto 1 tonnes of house-hold waste. All our vehicles are unmarked for your discretion.

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The property is both cluttered and verminous, do you clear these type of properties?

Yes, we are cluttered and verminous house clearance experts. We can clear all types of clutter and verminous waste, even extreme cases. We provide a total clearance that includes the clean of the property.

I own a property and the tenant has done a runner, there are needles and other mess, can you clear it?

Yes, we specialise in void house clearances. We can dispose of any needles or drug paraphernalia and of course, any other mess. We can also clean the property ready to re-let or for sale.

How much does it all cost?

The cost of a house clearance varies and depends on many factors. We can give you an instant quote over the telephone or via e-mail and the quote we give you will be the price you pay. We do not add extra costs when we arrive or after we finish the clearance. Our quoted price is final. There are no hidden costs or extra charges with us. We do not charge you extra to remove and dispose of fridges freezers, TVs, monitors etc. either. We are fully transparent with all our costs.

In a competitive industry we believe our costs are reasonable and fair, especially when you factor in the cost of skips and how time consuming a clearance can be if you’re doing it yourself. Furthermore, when you hire us you’re hiring a professional company that is fully licenced and insured.

We happily admit that we are not the cheapest house clearance company in the UK, but in an industry sadly dominated by rouge traders and bogus firms, we believe we are good value for money because we guarantee to get the job done for the price quoted, and on time, without fuss and in a environmentally friendly way. We provide all our customers with the best service possible at all times.

We have an excellent reputation in the industry. We are indeed industry leaders. We pioneered many of the standards and services adopted by many reputable house clearance companies today. We were the first company of our kind to donate to charities. We were the first company of our kind to give out waste transfer notes for every clearance. We were the first company of our kind to use unmarked vans.

We have been clearing properties for over 20 years now and know exactly what our customers want. Our customers want a professional service, not cowboys. Our customers want smartly dressed men who turn up on time and don’t complain or stand about drinking tea and smoking cigarettes all day long. We realise your time is precious and that in most cases you will have had to take a day off or travel a large distance.

Our customers want a real company with a registered business address, one that is fully insured, holds all the necessary waste carriers licences and whose staff are all fully trained, experienced and smartly dressed.

When you hire Nationwide House Clearance you get the very best level of service guaranteed. We have never been late for a clearance, we have never walked away from a clearance and we have never let a customer down yet.

Please note: All our prices are subject to VAT.

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So what do I get for my money?

You get one of our large jumbo luton box vans, unmarked for your discretion and 3 (or more for larger jobs) of our fully trained, insured, licenced and uniformed men who will typically get you all cleared within a few hours. You also get a company who will, where possible, recycle 90% of the house-hold contents using fully licenced recycling centres and via charity donations.

When you hire us you’re hiring a professional company. We won’t send you a rusting old cage van with burly tattooed men dressed in a vest and jeans. We won’t fly-tip your waste either nor will we sell-on items from the clearance. Furthermore we won’t go around looking for valuable items that may be hidden away.

We turn up on time and get the job done with minimal fuss, in a discreet and professional manner. We will even sweep up after ourselves. We will not ask you for any cash either. We only ask for payment once the job has been done to your satisfaction.

We then hand you an invoice and waste transfer note with all of our company details and you can settle by credit or debit card there and then as all vehicles are equipped with portable PDQ machines. We also except other forms of payment such as cheque or via bacs.

Please note: We do not accept cash.

Do you visit the property before giving me a quote?

No, due to the sheer volume of calls and e-mails we receive per day and the fact we cover not only the whole of England, but also Scotland, and Wales, if we did visit properties, we would never get any work done. We provide an instant quote over the phone or via e-mail based on a few simple questions.

Do you need a deposit before you come to clear the property?

No, we front the entire cost of all house clearances and only when you are happy with the work we have done, will we hand you an invoice for payment. Although we are not the cheapest house clearance company in the UK, the fact we do not ask for any money up front or ask for a deposit should speak volumes. We are a company with enough resources to carry out any property clearance, from the small to the very large, from a standard clearance to a verminous and cluttered property. No customer should be asked to front part of or all of the cost of a clearance before any work has been carried out or undertaken. That’s not how we work.

Are you fully licenced & insured?

Yes, we hold a full and valid waste carriers licence and are fully insured with full employee and public liability insurance to the value of £10,000,000. We are also registered with the Environment Agency and a certified approved contractor of theirs. We actually do lots of work for them and Environmental Health. Furthermore all our vehicles are insured to carry and transport waste and our staff are all insured and CRB checked.

Can you clean the property after the clearance?

Yes, we provide an additional one-off deep clean service. Once the clearance is completed we can carry out the cleaning of the property. All of our vehicles are equipped with cleaning equipment and our house clearance men are fully trained to clean even the dirtiest of properties. Our deep-clean service consist of a dust-down, surface clean of all woodwork such as doors, window-sills, skirting etc. We also do a full clean of all bathrooms/toilets, the kitchen and all internal windows. If carpeted we hoover all carpets.

Can you help me transport items I want to keep?

Yes, we can help you with the transportation of any item or items you want to keep providing the distances are not too huge.

Some of the items in the property are worth something, do you buy stuff?

No, we do not buy anything. We are strictly a property clearance company. We do recommend to all our customers, however, to try and sell any items in the property using a reputable second-hand dealer, placing items into auction or via Ebay and classified ads to help offset some of the costs of the clearance.

There are antiques in the property do you buy antiques?

No, we do not buy antiques. Again, we are strictly a property clearance company. We can recommend reputable antique dealers and auctions from our list of contacts, however.

There is an old car in the garage/drive, can you take it away?

Yes, we can take away and remove any vehicle from the property. We have also been known to take away boats, caravans and motorbikes from properties. If the vehicle is in working order we can arrange for the purchase of the vehicle so that you get some money back.

There is a piano in the property, can you remove that?

Yes, we can remove any heavy or unusual item from the property, be it general house-hold furniture or big heavy objects like a piano, at no extra cost.

There are appliances in the property, can you disconnect them?

Yes, we can disconnect any appliances that are fitted, providing they are a standard installation, at no extra cost to yourself. We can disconnect electric cookers, gas cookers, washing machines etc.

Can you remove the carpets and underlay?

We can remove the carpets, underlay and any other fixtures and fittings, again at no extra cost.

There is a garage and a shed, can you clear those too?

Yes, we can clear any garage, shed, outhouse building or loft of any junk or waste. We will not charge you extra, these things are all inclusive in the clearance price.

Do you take away garden rubbish?

If there is rubbish in the garden, we will remove it and dispose of it for you as part of the property clearance price.

What do you do with personal items and confidential paperwork?

We inform all of our customers whenever we encounter any personal items, be it passports, jewelry, money, photos, log-books or other confidential paperwork, and always hand over such items. If there is confidential paperwork to be disposed of, we destroy it to prevent identity theft and fraud as part of our clearance service, free of charge.

How many days notice do you need?

In most cases we only need 48 hours notice, and at the most 3-4 days.

What days and hours do you work?

We work 7 days a week and can work outside of normal office hours if need be. Please remember though, most recycling centres are closed or close half-day at weekends.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most forms of credit or debit card payments. We prefer to be paid this way as all our vehicles are equipped with portable PDQ machines. However, we can also be paid via cheque or bacs payment. We do not accept cash. All prices are subject to VAT.

Do I need to be around for you to clear the property?

No, we fully understand that in most cases a house clearance is not only a stressful experience, but also an emotional one. Sometimes we actually advise our customers to leave so we can clear the property without adding any extra emotional distress, especially regarding deceased estates. We also recognise that our customers may have other things to attend to. All we need is access to the property. If you do decide to leave, we will give you plenty of notice to return when the property is almost cleared.

I live far away, do I need to be there for you to clear the property?

No, all we need is access. We can collect the keys from a friend, relative or neighbour or from an estate agent or solicitor. You can also post the keys to us. In your absence we will take before and after photos to show you the property fully cleared, for your own peace of mind. A lot of our customers are ex-pats living abroad or live in another town or city so we fully understand the time and distance constraints.

Parking isn’t the best, is that a problem?

No, we are used to working where parking is either restricted or unavailable. We will clear a property on a wait and load basis or even if we have to park our van in another street. We do clearances deep in the valley of Wales or up in the mountains of Scotland where there are severe width and road restrictions. If we require a parking permit, we can arrange the actual permit with the relevant authorities for you at no extra cost.

Its snowing badly, will you be able to make it?

Thankfully, we have never cancelled any clearance due to bad weather yet. In adverse weather conditions we equip all our vehicles with the right tools and equipment to deal with it so that the clearance can be carried out. Although we use luton box vans in general, if winds are very strong, we will use cage vans instead to carry out the clearance as luton vans are liable to tip-over in extreme heavy winds. In the winter all our vehicles are fitted with winter tyres and in the snow we use snow chains and a good old shovel!

Will I be charged if I cancel the clearance?

No, we dot operate such a policy. All we need is reasonable notice. We understand that all kinds of things can crop up when it comes to property clearances. From contract exchanges falling through, work commitments and weather conditions effecting a customer’s ability to get to the property etc.

What guarantees do you give?

We guarantee to clear the property in full based on the price we quote you. We guarantee to turn up on time and to get the property cleared as quickly as possible in a professional, discreet and sympathetic manner. We guarantee to recycle 90% of all waste and to donate 50% or more to charity. We guarantee 3 or more fully uniformed, trained and insured staff to every clearance. We guarantee a large unmarked jumbo box van for every clearance. We guarantee to get the job done, as requested, on time, on budget and to your level of satisfaction.