Dear Customer: Our House Clearance Guarantee To You

Nationwide House Clearance - Property Clearance The Professional Way

Dear Customer or potential Customer

Nationwide House Clearance - Property Clearance The Professional Way
Chris Richardson, founding member and Managing Director of Nationwide House Clearance Ltd.

As a family run business of 20 + years we pride ourselves on delivering the very best possible service in what is an industry sadly full of bogus firms, dodgy individuals and rouge traders. We know what our customers want from a house clearance company and we deliver that at all times. When you hire Nationwide House Clearance to carry out the clearance of your home or the property of a deceased relative or loved one we GUARANTEE that you will receive the very best standard of service on offer in this industry from us – from start to finish.

This is our House Clearance Guarantee to you:

We will treat you fairly & courteouslyWe will treat you fairly & courteously

Here at Nationwide House Clearance all of our staff are friendly, respectful and highly experienced. You won’t catch a member of our staff swearing for example! We fully understand that in most cases our customers will be dealing with bereavement and all of the emotional distress from that. We are respectful, sympathetic and at all times courteous. We won’t treat the belongings of your home or loved one with contempt or as mere ‘junk’ for example, we carefully remove all items and we do so knowing that some items may hold special memories or be of sentimental value.

Respond promptly to any enquiryRespond promptly to any enquiry

Whether its a phone call, an e-mail or a face to face discussion we will always respond to any enquiry in a prompt fashion. We are friendly, experienced and very straightforward people to deal with. Call or e-mail us today if you need any assistance with a house clearance or have any questions you would like to ask regarding the whole process and how we work.

Give you a fully inclusive price for any quoteGive you a fully inclusive price for any quote

We are very transparent with our pricing and will always inform you of the correct price at all times for the various services we provide. We also have a standard pricing structure in place so there are no hidden costs or extra charges. Some companies load the price by charging extra to remove fridges and TVs or disconnection fees for washers and cookers for example. We don’t!

We will always do our best to be on-time with any appointmentsWe will always do our best to be on-time with any appointments

We pride ourselves on punctuality and strive to never be late for an appointment. However, sometimes that is not always possible due to traffic problems or bad weather for example. If we feel we may be late for an appointment we will always give you a courtesy call, text, e-mail or voice-mail message to inform you of of our ‘new’ estimated time of arrival.

We will never walk away from a clearanceWe will never walk away from a clearance

Sometimes we turn up to a house clearance that has been booked in as a standard house clearance only to be confronted with an altogether different type of clearance. For example there could be lots of sharps in the property, human feces or animal feces or the property could be badly cluttered. All things that can affect the way in which we work. Most companies will walk away from a clearance that contains feces etc., but we wouldn’t. No job is too big or difficult for us!

The price we quote you will be the price you payThe price we quote you will be the price you pay

When you get a quote from us that will be the final price you pay once the clearance has been completed. We have no hidden costs and no extra charges. We won’t charge you extra for the removal and disposal of a TV, a fridge, a fridge freezer or carpets for example. We won’t turn up, half clear the property and then demand more money to clear the rest either. Again, the price we quote you will be the price you pay!

*The only time our price can change is if the property contains things that we haven’t been told about prior to the appointment. For example sharps, human feces, animal feces or if the property is extremely cluttered.

To send 3 fully uniformed men to every clearanceTo send 3 fully uniformed men to every clearance

When you appoint Nationwide House Clearance to clear your property or the property of a loved one we always send 3 of our fully uniformed, fully trained and fully insured men so that the property can be cleared in a prompt, but professional way. Furthermore all our staff are CRB checked, fully licenced, fully insured and trained in ‘The Nationwide House Clearance Way’. Our staff are also fully experienced and equipped with modern vehicles, the right tools and the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

*On larger clearances or difficult type of house clearances we may send more than 3 men.

To send a large unmarked jumbo luton box van to every clearanceTo send a large unmarked jumbo luton box van to every clearance

We have a fleet of new or nearly new large, unmarked luton box vans that are all roughly the same size or capable or carrying the same loads (upto *one tonnes of house-hold waste). We will send one of those vans along with a 3 man crew to all house clearances. Our vans are livery free for your discretion and have eco engines and are all insured to carry house-hold waste. We don’t operate cage type tipper vans for standard house clearances or smaller long-wheel-base panel vans that some firms do, our vans are all new or nearly new, and are boxed jumbo luton vans.

*If the driver goes over weight in terms of load, he can lose his licence so all van loads are at the driver’s discretion.

To get the property cleared in the one dayTo get the property cleared in the one day

By sending a 3 man house clearance crew and one of our large luton box vans we can get most properties cleared by lunch-time and most by the close of one day. We always endeavour to get every property cleared in a timely fashion, without compromising on quality of service.

*If the property is extremely cluttered, substantial in size/number of rooms or is in a remote area sometimes it isn’t always possible to clear a property in one day. The vast majority of standard house clearances can be completed in one full day, however.

Show you, the property & its contents respect at all timesShow you, the property & its contents respect at all times

We know that for many of our customers we will be clearing the property of a loved one who has sadly passed away and therefore we understand that in most cases these kind of clearances are extra emotional and can be highly stressful. We always show you the customer, your property or the property of a loved one and its entire contents with respect at all times from start to finish.

To donate & recycle as much of the contents as possibleTo donate & recycle as much of the contents as possible

We pride ourselves on our strict recycling and charity donation policy which every member of staff is trained in carrying out to the fullest extent at all times. At current we try to recycle upto 90% of all contents from a standard house clearance either by using local licenced recycling centres or by donating as much as possible to the various charities listed on our website. We can often donate upto 50% of the contents from a house clearance if the items are of clean, good, reusable working order.

*We can also donate items to a charity of your own choice free of charge.

To 'clean up' after ourselvesTo ‘clean up’ after ourselves

After we have completed the clearance we will go around the property and ‘clean up’ after ourselves. For example if the carpets have been uplifted the guys will sweep up and pick up any loose debris. If the garage is to be cleared we will also sweep up the floor of the garage to make it look tidy. If the carpets are to remain and they have debris on them we will pick that up or hoover up if need be. If the grounds are wet and muddy we will place a sheet down in the hallway so we don’t trail mud and dirt through into the property.

*Please note we will not carry out a thorough clean of the property unless that is requested along with the clearance, which we would charge extra for. The ‘clean up’ is a complimentary after service.

To keep you informed, involved & updated throughout the whole processTo keep you informed, involved & updated throughout the whole process

We like to work closely with our customers and to be as accessible as possible at all times. When we turn up to carry out a clearance we will walk around the property with you to ascertain what items need removed and what items need to remain behind, if at all. We will then inform you whether we can get everything away using just the one van load or if an extra van load would be required and just how long we feel it will take us to carry out the total clearance. We will keep you informed, involved and updated throughout the whole process. For example if we have to break up a wardrobe to get it out of the property we will ask your permission.

To provide you with a full detailed invoiceTo provide you with a full detailed invoice

After the completion of the house clearance, we will provide you with a full detailed invoice with our registered business address, VAT registration number and limited company registration number so you can be fully satisfied that you are dealing with a genuine reputable company. All invoices can be settled within 7 days if you are a general private customer or 31 days if you are a commercial customer. We can also be paid once the clearance has been completed via debit or credit card over the telephone and we also accept cheque and bank transfer as payment. We do not accept cash unless in extreme circumstances. As a recycling company who try and keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, therefore ideally we like to e-mail you your invoice. However, we can post one if required.

To provide you with a full detailed waste transfer noteTo provide you with a full detailed waste transfer note

It is the law to provide you with a waste transfer note which is basically your proof that the waste or items removed from the property have been recycled in accordance with the right laws and regulations and not [link to fly-tipped article here]fly tipped[/link] which is sadly quite common. We provide a full waste transfer note on completion of every house clearance, usually via e-mail. However, again like with your invoice, we can also post it to you.

If we renege on this guarantee...If we renege on this guarantee…

We are 100% committed to this guarantee and making sure that we adhere to it at all-times, so should we renege on this guarantee at any point we will carry out the clearance FREE of charge. This is the final guarantee from us!

Our Guarantee To You - Signed By The Directors
Signed by the Directors of Nationwide House Clearance Mr Christopher Richardson & Mr Lee Summerson.

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