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Cluttered House Clearance

Cluttered House Clearance

Nationwide House Clearance are cluttered house clearance specialists. We know exactly how to get a cluttered property cleared with minimal fuss and hassle. We provide a total clearance service. We are discreet, professional and very prompt. We can get even the most extremely cluttered property cleared and cleaned usually within 1 full day. We send 3 to 8 man crews depending on how cluttered the property is. We don’t care how dirty or cluttered a house is either, we will go in there and clear the lot – leaving each room clutter and junk free.

What Is a Cluttered House Clearance?

A cluttered house clearance is hugely different to a standard house clearance. There are several types of cluttered house clearances which we have categorised under the following:

Semi-Cluttered House Clearance

A semi-cluttered house clearance will contain the usual household type of items such as beds, wardrobes, sofas and white goods. In addition to the usual contents, however, a semi-cluttered home will also contain lots of clutter throughout the property and may also contain garages, sheds, outhouse buildings and even garden rubbish.

For example wardrobes, drawers and cupboards will often be full of clothing, bedding, cutlery, bric-a-brac and other misc junk. More often than not these kind of properties will unlikely be cleared using one full van load. Furthermore, these kind of properties may also need more than 3 men to clear the property.

An example of a typical Semi-Cluttered House Clearance

Extremely Cluttered House Clearance

An extremely cluttered house clearance is usually the result of a compulsive hoarder and will not only contain all of the usual type of house-hold contents, but also lots and lots of clutter. Clutter such as clothing, bedding, newspapers, magazines, food and other misc junk accumulated over a period of time, often years.

Most or all rooms in an extremely cluttered property will contain lots and lots of clutter, sometimes from floor to ceiling to the point where access will be restricted. These kind of clearances require specialist attention and can take several days to clear using 6-8 men and several van loads or even large skips.

An example of a typical Extremely Cluttered House Clearance

Cluttered & Verminous House Clearance

A cluttered and verminous house clearance is often the result of decaying clutter usually infected by rodents, other critters and perhaps even the decomposition of a body – human or otherwise. Such clearances are very extreme and combine the worst elements of clutter with the worst elements of verminous waste.

Verminous waste is contaminated with bacteria and potentially harmful and hazardous risks and therefore requires specialist segregation and disposal.

More often than not these kind of clearances can take several days to complete using 6-8 men or more, several van loads and even the use of large skips.

An example of a typical Cluttered & Verminous House Clearance

Can You Clean The Property?

Yes, we provide an additional one-off deep cleaning service which consists of cleaning all wooden surfaces, all internal windows, all floors, light switches, window sills, bathrooms, kitchens, cupboards, dusting, hoovering, sweeping-up etc. We can also clean appliances.

Check out our Property Cleaning Services

Need a Cluttered House Clearance?

Reasons To Choose Us

  • We are an approved contractor for the Environment Agency
  • We are a fully licenced waste carrier
  • We guarantee to do the job for the price quoted
  • We are a fully insured company who has full public liability insurance to the value of £10,000,000
  • We send 3-8 men who are all CRB checked, fully trained, insured & fully uniformed to each job
  • We use large jumbo sized Luton box vans, unmarked for your discretion
  • We provide a full invoice & waste transfer note with all of our company details on completion of every job
  • We recycle upto 90% of the contents & donate as much as 50% of the contents to charity

Cluttered House Clearance Before & After Photos

Cluttered House Clearance Before & After Photos
Cluttered House Clearance Before & After Photos
Cluttered House Clearance Before & After Photos
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Cluttered House Clearance Case Examples

We have helped the following people:

Cluttered House Clearance Case Study 1:

We were appointed to clear a cluttered 3 bedroom semi in Edinburgh, Scotland. It took 2 vans and 5 men to clear the property, using 4 van loads. Read More…

Cluttered House Clearance Case Study 2:

We were appointed to clear a 4 bedroom terraced house in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. We sent 4 men who had the property fully cleared in 4 van loads and by the close of the day. Read More…

Cluttered House Clearance Case Study 3:

We were appointed to clear a semi-cluttered 3 bedroom property in Newcastle, Tyneside which was completely cleared using 2 of our large vans and 5 of our fully unformed and insured staff. Read More…

Genuine Cluttered House Clearance Customer Testimonials

5 Star Customer Review
“From the very start to the actual clearance of my late aunt’s badly cluttered home, Nationwide acted in a hugely professional and considerate manner. They actually visited the premises at no cost to me. They did this to get as much info as they could and to see for themselves just what they were dealing with. This kind of attention to detail won me over so I hired them to do the job. I wasn’t disappointed.

They cleared the full property and cleaned it to a very high standard in 2 days as promised. They brought 8 men and 2 vans with them and worked tirelessly in dirty conditions without fuss. They even recovered lots of valuable jewelry and some money. If like myself you have a badly cluttered home needing cleared and cleaned, these are the guys for you. They are absolute heroes everyone of them, from Chris who came to view the premises to his team of men who did all the hard work. I recommend them 100%!” D. Rogers – Derby, Derbyshire

5 Star Customer Review
“My late father was somewhat of a hoarder and never threw anything away. Come the time to clear his house we did try ourselves, but we were simply overwhelmed by all the junk. We called Nationwide who gave us a fair quote and within days they sent out 4 guys and a large van to clear the lot. A most impressive service by good people. Many thanks.” Mr Johnson – Newcastle, Northumberland

5 Star Customer Review
“I would just like to congratulate Nationwide for their fantastic work clearing my late cousin’s quite cluttered house. The men did it one day and to a man they were hard working, polite and very friendly. I was most impressed by their discretion, compassion and sincerity. They even found several thousand pounds in the property and handed it over which was simply amazing. A truly fantastic service from a fantastic company. Our eternal thanks.” Mr & Mrs Davies – Blackburn, Lancashire

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