Who Deals With Fly-Tipping?


Local authorities and the Environment Agency are responsible for removing fly-tipping from public ground. The Environment Agency is responsible for the removal of large amounts of fly-tipping and also hazardous waste. The local authorities are responsible for removing all other fly-tipping.

Getting illegally dumped waste removed from private land is much more difficult as neither the Environment Agency or local authorities have any legal obligation to remove the waste.

Illegal dumping on private land would be increased if a duty was placed on authorities as people would not pay for legitimate disposal if they knew that by dumping it the nearest field that the cost of removing it would be met by the taxpayer.

Tackling the problems of fly-tipping and wider waste crime is a priority for the government. In May 2007 the government published it’s waste strategy for England.

This strategy sets out a blue print for recycling and reusing waste so it doesn’t end up in landfill, and also preventing it in the first place.

Boosting recycling should be supported by the fly-tipping strategy which is aimed at preventing the illegal dumping of waste.

The fly-tipping strategy has five strands:

  • Ensuring better prevention, detection and enforcement of law against fly-tipping and other dumping of illegal waste. They believe that more effort spent on this means that less will need spent on fly-tipping clean-up and will result in savings.
  • Making the existing legislation more useable and effective.
  • Extending the range of the powers available so that local authorities and the Environment Agency can be more flexible when dealing with the fly-tipping and those that fly-tip.
  • Improving the knowledge and database so that resources can be targeted.
  • Ensuring that local authorities and the Environment Agency are able to do their jobs as effectively as possible and that the waste producers take responsibility for getting their waste removed legally.

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