What Causes Fly-Tipping?


There may be several reasons why fly-tipping happens. They all need to be taken into consideration when tackling this problem. Ignorance leads to a large amount of rubbish being dumped illegally. Some small businesses and even householders will use companies offering waste disposal services to get rid of their rubbish.

They often assume that these companies are legitimate businesses and don’t always check that they have the right documentation or hold a waste carriers licence to dispose of waste correctly and legally. Illegal waste disposal companies will charge less than a legitimate and fully licenced company to dispose of rubbish.

Some householders may decided to fly-tip themselves rather than pay the fees which are charged by the local authorities for the collection of bulky items, or cannot be bothered to find their nearest legitimate recycling site.

Inadequate waste management and inappropriate collection services also contribute to the fly-tipping problem. The research carried out by the Jill Dando institute has suggested that there may be a link between the quality and type of local waste services provided and fly-tipping levels.

The research tells the local authorities that they need to tailor their services to the needs of of the communities. That they should provide regular and free collection schemes for people who don’t have cars, raise awareness amongst people, translation of information and to paying more attention to the collection of waste in high density areas.

There is an increase in fly-tipped waste which is arising from organised criminal activity. As disposal costs rise and tighter restrictions are put on waste disposal there is a growing market for criminals to take opportunity of this by undercutting prices from legitimate waste disposal companies like Nationwide House Clearance.

These illegal companies make significant amounts of money as by fly-tipping they avoid having to pay landfill tax and by reducing the time and costs which would be used to transport waste from where it came from to a legal tipping site.

More money is charged by legal waste removers as they have invested time and money in training their people and also the infrastructure and documentation which complies with legislation such as a waste carriers licence, insurance etc.

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