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Old Photos Of Newcastle From a House Clearance

Old Photos Of Newcastle Upon Tyne

We recently carried out a house clearance in Newcastle and found hundreds of old photos taken of Newcastle Upon Tyne. The photos appear to date anywhere from the 70s to the 80s. The customer kindly allowed us to do as we please with them, so rather than destroy them, we

We Will Buy Your Classic Car From a House Clearance

House Clearance Classic Car

When someone sadly passes away they inevitably leave behind a home, house contents and more often than not a motor vehicle. Here at Nationwide House Clearance we often carry out house clearances that also require the removal and disposal of a vehicle.

House Clearance Classic Car Barn Find Mitsubishi Sapporo

House Clearance Classic Car Barn Find Mitsubishi Sapporo

Nationwide House Clearance were appointed to clear and clean a property in Berwick-upon-Tweed towards the end of 2014. The customer had informed us that there was several vehicles that also needed removed prior to the actual clearance. On the day of the clearance it was decided by the customer that two of the vehicles were to be kept by the family as they both started and were in working order, namely a motor-home and a small MPV. However, in the garage there was an old white car hidden away underneath lots of clutter and junk, that needed to be removed and disposed of.

House Clearance Hitchen – Problems But We Still Got The Job Done

House Clearance Hitchin

Nationwide House Clearance were recently appointed to clear a 3 bedroom bungalow in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. What should have been an ordinary typical house clearance turned into somewhat of a nightmare for our guys, though. After arriving at the property at their usual time of 9.00am the three men quickly established

Flycapture Fly-Tipping Database

Say No To Fly-Tipping

The majority of local authorities have regularly submitted data since 2004 to Flycapture which is the National Fly-Tipping Database, developed by Defra and the Environment Agency. It holds summary information on incidents that have been dealt with and actions which have been taken as well as a vehicle registration hot

Most Common Fly-Tipped Items

Say No To Fly-Tipping

According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Flycapture Database, the most common types of fly-tipped waste items are:

Who Deals With Fly-Tipping?

Say No To Fly-Tipping

Local authorities and the Environment Agency are responsible for removing fly-tipping from public ground. The Environment Agency is responsible for the removal of large amounts of fly-tipping and also hazardous waste. The local authorities are responsible for removing all other fly-tipping.

What Causes Fly-Tipping?

Say No To Fly-Tipping

There may be several reasons why fly-tipping happens. They all need to be taken into consideration when tackling this problem. Ignorance leads to a large amount of rubbish being dumped illegally. Some small businesses and even householders will use companies offering waste disposal services to get rid of their rubbish.

What Is Fly-Tipping?

Say No To Fly-Tipping

Fly-tipping is when any kind of waste is placed illegally onto a highway or any land that is not licenced for waste. Illegal dumping of waste varies in the types of waste and in the scale of waste involved.

Fly-Tipping Facts & Figures

Say No To Fly-Tipping

Any waste that has been left illegally on land that is not an appropriate tipping site is classed as fly-tipping. This can be anything from a single bag of rubbish to extensive demolition and construction waste. Fly-tipping is an anti-social behaviour and a criminal act which effects the local environment.

Compulsive Hoarding

Bristol House Clearance

Compulsive hoarding is when someone excessively collects things that are usually of little or no value whatsoever which results in the hoarder being unable to get rid of them. This usually results in excessive clutter around the home.

20 Reasons To Choose Nationwide House Clearance

Office Clearance Harrogate

We have been operating for over 20 years now as an established family owned business. We have built up the business from small and humble beginnings to a business that now serves the whole of the UK including Scotland and Wales, the Isle Of Man and the Isle Of White 7 days a week. We have used our experience over the years to focus on the customer and superb service levels.